As I Was Saying..

I mentioned the Google Office Suite a while back–it’s now complete, but, both Google and Zoho manage to leave out one crucial (in my mind anyway) component to a new working suite of office applications: backup. I’m all for the seamless integration of web apps that make online office life a snap, but, most of the data that I’m manipulating will still be rather worthless if it’s lost. It’s interesting that this often seems to be the missing component. What would other people include in their ideal suite of web 2.0 office applications?

2 thoughts on “As I Was Saying..

  1. Well, isn’t the point of these apps that their data is managed (and thus also backed up) by google, so you don’t need to worry about it?

  2. Step21 – that’s a good point. The information you keep at Google Apps is theoretically backed up by Google. That said, unless you run your whole life through Google Apps, you’ll have large pockets of unprotected data.

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