Facebook Developers Event

Today there is a Facebook Developers Garage event in Los Angeles. It is a gathering in which representatives from Facebook – today it is Professor Meagan Marks from Facebook – describe the new F8 Platform, provide guidance on how to get started, and offer suggestions on how to promote your applications.

She started by sharing some Facebook “ninja” tricks…

– use a super simple viral app to get them hooked on a deeper app
– BoozeMail/Renkoo
– Superwall/EmoteNow
– Funwall/TopFriends

– optimize the profile page box
– literally, add shiny objects to profile boxes
– clean lettering, gray and blue – keep the feel of the Facebook site, feel integrated

– optimize your canvas page for revenue generation
– increase time spent on each page
– big buttons for “challenge a friend” and “play again” cause repeat usage
– show ratings of friends, not themselves
– take adavantage of social graph – recommendations
– allow for virtual “cred”
– consider interoperable ad networks

Also, a great resource appears to be the Facebook Developer’s Wiki.

Suggestions for an ElephantDrive access/sharing application in Facebook –

– Build it like Photos
– Make sure we use the Facebook share buttons
– Use double-click pop-up menus a la Facebook
– Canvas pages for Trunk with pop-up and buttons for Share, Download, Details, Delete and all but Details for multi-select
– Canvas Pages for details
– Profile page for recently uploaded with same pop-up as above

If any has other suggestions, we would love to read your comments…

4 thoughts on “Facebook Developers Event

  1. Hi
    i was looking aroun at your page, moz y,carbonite and http://www.onlinebackupvault.com
    all you seem to hav nic stuff.. dont see much of a differnce btwn u and obv and amongst a couple of others…ur page seems easy to navigate, online backup vault on testimonials customers rave about support,… mozy and cabonite scare me for some reason…seems like they didnt learn from the 90’s re giving away stuff for free
    what do u think ur selling point is

  2. Good points – the other companies you’ve identified are backup services, but don’t provide any additional functionality or value. With ElephantDrive, your data is not only protected, but easily accessible, searchable, sortable, and shareable!

  3. Elephant,
    i actually came across this blog through a tie in to OnlineBackupVault.

    OnlineBackupVault.com offers an online secure backup service as you mentioned in your email which is exactly what i am looking for. i signed up for a free trial and i went to do a restore and their file structure is identicle to my hard drive so its extremly easy to search. In addition i can give out my password to somone else and they can pull the files…so its very similiar? as well they backup open files and have clients for our exchange server. the only concern i have is that i am on their Beta app.. i spoke to their tech support guy who said they have about 50-60 clients they have been running their backend on for the last 8 months or so.. making sure all is 100% with the web interface and looking to launch officially the second week in october…so once they are “live” my concern will be gone…..

    truth is i am still trying to figure out the difference btwn all the competition out there…what michael said above is true about cheapy guys, remember all the companies that went bust on no profit in 2000? so irather pay than let someone go bust with my money.

  4. Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at San Francisco, CA there is a Facebook conference where developers and entrepreneurs collaborate on the future of personalized and social technologies.

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