Today there is a Facebook Developers Garage event in Los Angeles. It is a gathering in which representatives from Facebook – today it is Professor Meagan Marks from Facebook – describe the new F8 Platform, provide guidance on how to get started, and offer suggestions on how to promote your applications.

She started by sharing some Facebook “ninja” tricks…

– use a super simple viral app to get them hooked on a deeper app
– BoozeMail/Renkoo
– Superwall/EmoteNow
– Funwall/TopFriends

– optimize the profile page box
– literally, add shiny objects to profile boxes
– clean lettering, gray and blue – keep the feel of the Facebook site, feel integrated

– optimize your canvas page for revenue generation
– increase time spent on each page
– big buttons for “challenge a friend” and “play again” cause repeat usage
– show ratings of friends, not themselves
– take adavantage of social graph – recommendations
– allow for virtual “cred”
– consider interoperable ad networks

Also, a great resource appears to be the Facebook Developer’s Wiki.

Suggestions for an ElephantDrive access/sharing application in Facebook –

– Build it like Photos
– Make sure we use the Facebook share buttons
– Use double-click pop-up menus a la Facebook
– Canvas pages for Trunk with pop-up and buttons for Share, Download, Details, Delete and all but Details for multi-select
– Canvas Pages for details
– Profile page for recently uploaded with same pop-up as above

If any has other suggestions, we would love to read your comments…

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