New storage-as-a-service from Nirvanix

TechCrunch reported about a new storage-as-a-service provider called Nirvanix today. This is exciting news for ElephantDrive, as we are big fans of current storage-as-a-service player Amazon. ElephantDrive complements its own storage repositories with Amazon’s S3.

We won’t be embracing the newcomer just yet (the service is not yet available for public consumption), but we will certainly consider adding it to our mix when it goes live. If anyone gets a chance to try it out in beta, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback.

5 thoughts on “New storage-as-a-service from Nirvanix

  1. Patrick Harr is CEO of Nirvanix. He left an enormous mess at Mediamax which seems to be used as a testbed for this new company Nirvanix. Mediamax is in serious troubles and
    has big problems solving the mess.
    You can

  2. JD – not sure where you’re getting your “information” from but it is inaccurate. I’d suggest doing some research before making inflammatory remarks like this. I’ve actually talked with Patrick Harr directly and he has been great to work with. As it clearly states in the Mediamax blogpost you list above, mediamax was never used as a testbed and is not using the Nirvanix system right now (I know as we conducted our own research on this). I would suggest you take your issues up with Mediamax directly as they are a completely separate company from Nirvanix. I’m actually a beta customer for Nirvanix and we really like their new service offering as it provides many advantages over S3 for our application (and we’ve been an S3 customer for the last year). We expect very good things moving forward with the new Nirvanix service based on what we’ve seen to date.

  3. Per the exchange between “JD” and “sfielding” above, it should be noted that the views of the commenters do not reflect the views of ElephantDrive Inc. While comments on this blog are moderated for appropriateness we generally allow comments for discussion, and encourage discourse. After reveiwing the Nrivanix service, ElephantDrive is likely to offer its own opinion on the matter.

  4. This is what MediaMax said in response to a TechCrunch article about the relationship:

    Streamload was split into two entities in July. The consumer online service became “MediaMax” and a second entity, Nirvanix, was founded as a new and separate company. We (“MediaMax”) continue to focus on the consumer online storage space (B2C) as we have done for many years. We can’t talk about Nirvanix as they are an independent company; however, we can say that we never changed over to Nirvanix, as the article suggested, and are not using their new system now.

    In regards to MediaMax’s problems mentioned in the TechCrunch article, this was only partially related to the spin-out process. One issue was trying to do too much, too quickly. Over the last six weeks, we completed a new round of financing and corporate spin out, moved MediaMax into a new office, migrated our web application servers to a new hosting provider, consolidated two other data centers, and have been hiring new MediaMax employees to fill in the personnel holes that were created from the split.

    Find links and further information at:

    As my experience and that of others posting on the Mediamaxusers blog shows, there are serious unresolved problems with the Mediamax service and, more disappointingly perhaps, customer services.

  5. I still stand completely behind my views which are based on all information found on the internet and experience in person. I have tried several times talking to support of mediamax, Steve Iverson himself and John Hood all of mediamax. Sometimes I get response, most of the times I don’t. Generally when they do respond it is largely positive marketing talk. They are unable to give a complete story and are unable to explain why it takes so long to solve all their issues.
    This is not only my view but many thousands of users who already cancelled their subscriptions. I am a member of a couple of forums where I have noticed this also. Further confirmation of this mess you can find in extensive detail on all of the links mentioned in previous comments.

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