Alas, not even the venerable Godfather is safe. It was reported late last week that legendary director and noted vintner Francis Ford Coppola had a laptop and backup device stolen from his office in Costa Rica. It is rumored to contain numerous family photographs, 15 years worth of writing, and the script to a new film entitled Tetro, starring Matt Damon and shooting in South America next February (one assumes this may delay production). Coppola has been pleading for the return of the hardware through the press, offering an unspecified reward.

I wanted to write this post not as another “I told you so” anecdote, but as a way to help people understand the critical nature of this service. You’ll see the tagline “Back it up. Right now.” scattered around our site and software. What we mean to say is this: your data is critical, and at risk. Whether or not you’re a five-time Oscar winner, YOUR data is priceless. If you’re not doing anything to back it up, please do something… Burn DVDs, buy external hard drives, home RAID, whatever. Based on our research, if you do ANYTHING, you’re in the minority. Obviously, we think our solution is superior: no hardware to buy or set up, geographic redundancy, anytime/anywhere access, and secure sharing at little or no cost (one gigabyte will hold a lot of Final Draft scripts).