Office boredom? Stop procrastinating and back up your files!

Our friends at The Qbicle are normally providing valuable and comical tidbits about how to mange life in corporate purgatory. But they brought up a great point in a recent post. While your chained to your desk you can do more than just play solitaire – you can actually be productive and do something that you really need like protect your precious data. Check out their post on online backup and storage, which mentions ElephantDrive as a great option (thanks guys!).

3 thoughts on “Office boredom? Stop procrastinating and back up your files!

  1. When are you guys going to provide support for Office 07 docs? Currently your autobackups fail to include Office 07 docs and adding them manually locks up your app.

  2. @ Todd:

    Great question Todd. We apologize that the Office 07 files are giving you trouble – we know they are not included in the default documents, and this will be corrected in the next version of the ElephantDrive software (scheduled for release on 2/15). I’m not sure about the locking up, but I’ll pass this feedback on to our development team right away.

    Thanks very much for your feedback.

  3. When will you finally have proper mac support? I love the concept of elephantdrive, but the many problems I’m having are driving me crazy! Examples:

    1) Do I HAVE to use your elephantdrive mounting tool to mount my drive via WEBDAV, or can I manually connect to the drive via WEBDAV.

    2) When I upload things via webdav, say a 16 mb file, it just continues to upload and upload and upload (long after those 16 mb have been uploaded), using up my entire bandwidth. My question: What on earth could it be uploading. It was like this last year when I was a customer here (and a reason why I cancelled my account), and I am very unhappy to see that it is still full of bugs or so it seems.

    3) If I log in via the webclient, I cannot delete any files! I select them, then click the red “x” button, but it just reloads. This is using firefox by the way. Safari won’t even let me access the trunkmanager.

    I love the idea of elephantdrive, but I could do with a bit less bugs 😉

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