Why wait for Gdrive? ElephantDrive is here!

TechCrunch continued its coverage of the online data space with a post on GDrive today by Mark Hendrikson.

It’s a curious posting. Like a lot of people, it seems as though Mark is tapping into the idea that people are just waiting for Google to launch something here and assuming it will be the best in class. We obviously take issue with that idea, but for a variety of reasons. If Google were launching a new advertising platform, we would think it is pretty reasonable to assume it would be great. But this is a service that is far from their core competency and has little relationship to their primary business – delivering and monetizing search results.

We’re most interested in how AppEngine develops. It has enormous potential, but at present is dramatically inferior to the much more developed and robust Amazon Web Services offerings.

We will stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Why wait for Gdrive? ElephantDrive is here!

  1. I’m currently testing your free version, and sent some questions to your support address. It’s only been 27 hrs, but I still haven’t received a reply. Maybe I’m just impatient, but one of your competitors replied in less than two hours on a similar request.

    Google’s main advantage (I’m one of those waiting for the rumoured GDrive service) is their brand name. I hadn’t heard about ElephantDrive a couple of days ago. I’m also a little worried about the lack of user reviews/comments online. It almost sounds too good to be true..

    So far I like what I see (although I’ve found a few bugs/quirks in your software), but I’m wondering if your support, commitment and technical solutions can be trusted in the long run. Please convince me.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Jarle –

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation here, and for your feedback on ElephantDrive. We’re glad you are trying out the service and would love to work with you to solve any of the quirks you’ve found.

    Our support team will respond to your message in short order and we apologize for the delay.

    We are certainly listening to you, and will do everything we can to convince you of our commitment to technology and support over the long run.

  3. Got an e-mail reply like you promised. Thanks.

    I’ll run some more tests, and send some more feedback to your support address.

    Thanks again.

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