ElephantDrive usage stats on Wakoopa

Some savvy programmers in Amsterdam have a web service called Wakoopa that provides a personal dashboard view of the programs you use. We noticed it and like to see that they’re tracking the ElephantDrive among many others.

We’re blogging about it because a) it’s kind of cool and b) it presents some interesting questions about usage. Their definition of usage really focuses on applications that you are actively engaged with, so that even though you might be running ElephantDrive online backup all the time in the background, it might not register as much in their time calculation.

Check it out – you might learn something about what’s running on your system.

Lenovo ThinkPads to include online backup? Lessons from HP…

It sounds like Lenovo is going to bundle online backup with some of there newer ThinkPad models. It is good news for the industry as more end users will be aware of the importance and value of the online solutions. That said, it really has to work well.

HP bought a company and launched its Upline online backup and storage service to much fanfare. Unfortunately, the service fell flat on its face and was taken down pretty much immediately and the guys at BackupReview.info panned it.

ElephantDrive users now include many former customers of other services. We’ll see how Lenovo’s product goes and whether or not it can provide the best online backup, storage, and access.

Interview posted at BackupReview.info

The team at BackupReview.info, one of the authorities in the realm of online data protection, conducted an interview with our CEO, Michael Fisher. Questions ranged from how ElephantDrive got started to geographic distribution of the user base. For the full story and a lot of answers about online backup and storage, check out their site for the ElephantDrive interview.

Mac users: interesting announcement coming later this week…

Maintenance Complete – Performance at all time high…

Just a quick update – the maintenance scheduled for 6/7/8 (cool data, huh?) is now complete and the web site and service are now available again for all end users.

This upgrade streamlined our system so that we can continue to offer the fastest service available, even as we grow to accommodate more online backup, storage, and access demand than ever before.

As always, we are eager for your comments and feedback…


The Team at ElephantDrive

New features and flow at the ElephantDrive web site

During the last few days we’ve made some substantial changes to the ElephantDrive web site. If you’re familiar with our service, you’ll see that we’ve added some new features like rolling testimonials and press clippings. Additionally, we’ve devoted more real estate to our different account types so that visitors can more quickly identify the ideal plan for their needs.

We are looking for feedback, so if you’ve got any ideas on how we can improve the experience please let us know.

Also, if you would like to submit your own testimonial we would love to add your story to the rotation.

The Team at ElephantDrive

Everything is becoming digital (we hope you’ll need a safe place to keep it)…

In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman writes about the digitization of everything and the related falling prices. He references Esther Dyson‘s 1994 prediction regarding the same phenomenon and provides a neat example in the economics of the Greateful Dead.

He makes the pithy and compelling claim that in this age of cheap to reproduce digital goods “the ancillary market is the market.”

We think this is true and we’re excited about the implications. The massive distribution of cheap/free digital goods will require safe, secure, and affordable warehousing like we have at ElephantDrive. The best online storage service will be the one that provides end users with protection, access, and organization for their digital lives.