Hello Digital World (aka anyone on the planet who has ever downloaded a song, composed a word document, or uploaded a picture on a computer machine)

Just the other day my Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop reached its 74GB capacity and needless to say I was certainly shocked and awed.  I decided it was time to purchase a small external hard drive to transfer some files and free up some space on my machine.  I strolled across the street to the newly opened Staples store where i was greeted by pleasant staff who really didn’t know much about digital technology.  I bought a 160GB Western Digital external hard drive, raced home to my apartment, plugged it in and nothing happened….I tried rebooting, changing USB ports, calling the technical support, but nothing worked.

Angered and upset, i trudged back over to Staples to tell them of my troubles.  I was even smart enough to bring my laptop to the store to prove to them the problem.  After insisting that the device should work, a Staples employee finally gave in and recommended I try at Maxtor hard drive.  So i took it home, it didn’t work, and smoke blew out of both ears.  I went back to Staples, kindly asked for a refund, and decided that external hard drives were not for me.  As we speak my data is being backed up by Elephantdrive, and I hardly miss the kind people at Staples.

Moral of the story: more wires + more devices + more things that can break = anger/frustration

                               my data + Elephantdrive + easy to follow instructions = joy/happiness/peace of mind



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