UPDATED POST: Offer disappointed users an online backup, storage, and access alternative – ElephantDrive

Sorry for any confusion – this post is part of an effort to see if we can convince the operators of the Linkup to help us build a migration tool. Unfortunately, we don’t have any tools built yet, so for now we’ll just wait to see if we can get in touch with them.

As many observers of the online storage world are aware, The Linkup is winding down and its users will need to find a new home for their data. The Linkup was the latest consumer-facing incarnation of an online storage firm that has had many names (Streamload, MediaMax, The Linkup), and appears also split off a sister company focused on the enterprise called Nirvanix. The is some debate over how the two are connected, covered exhaustively and interestingly by TechCrunch.

In any event, we are not interested in the problems of the past – we just want to help users who are interested in online backup, storage, and access find a great long term solution. As it happens, there are a number of users of the The Linkup who have a limited time to retrieve their files. We would like to offer our service as a solution, and if possible allow the direct transfer of files from The Linkup to ElephantDrive. We’ve actually had several requests already to do just that, and made an overture to The Linkup team as such.

If you have any information on who we can contact to facilitate this transition, please let us know. There doesn’t appear to be any additional API documentation, but we would love to offer an application that will enable cloud-to-cloud transfer. If you are familiar with their API and con provide any feedback (is the API still open?), we are all ears.

If you are a former (or about to be former) user of The Linkup or one of its predecessors, we would still love to provide you with simple, secure, and affordable online storage.

24 thoughts on “UPDATED POST: Offer disappointed users an online backup, storage, and access alternative – ElephantDrive

  1. Yes I am interested if you can help transfer my files.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. Yes, VERY interested and willing to pay for it. I suggest the first priority is make sure our data is still there and will be preserved and then work on how to get it over to you. I think you would have some VERY grateful new customers.

  3. If I understand the history Nirvanix still controls the Mediamad frontend. Perhaps there is a way to get the MM frontend and preserve the data on Nirvanix and then work on a migration. Or just give people time to move their files from MM to Elephant on their own.

  4. Have you tried calling John Hood at TLU and Patrick Harr at Nirvanix. I read Elephant uses S3 rather than Nirvanix. If you were a Nirvanix customer you would probably have more luck.

  5. Hi Jabash –

    Thanks very much for your feedback. We have reached out to a couple of executives and investors, but we will try the individuals you’ve mentioned as well.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    The Team at ElephantDrive

  6. Happy to hear that you are trying. I would you keep in mind that the people really in need of help are those who lost their file pre-tlu. I imagine people who had file on tlu have removed them already. However, many people files on Mediamax as late as early 2008. These are different from the files deleted by Nirvanix/MM in 2007. At least that is the way I understand it.

  7. I am interested also in transferring to ElephantDrive but right now I need to know what a good download manager is that handles .URLS???
    It says on the TheLinkUP site:
    Use this if you have a Download Manager installed that supports .URLS files

    Yet they fail to make mention of any that do this…and by the way I would prefer a freeware download manager for this.
    Thank You

  8. I am a former Streamload/Mediamax/Linkup user. While I didn’t have anything real important on their service, I would still like to get some of it back if possible. Since going under, I have been looking at another backup serive & have been seriously considering using Elephant drive. I’m currently trying out your 1GB free service and so far am liking it

    Now that I see you are trying to coordinate efforts to rescue Mediamax user data, this would pretty much ‘seal the deal’ for me joining your service and getting a paid account. I think it would be a good business decision to try and help out. If you are able to do it, I would pay in a minute & I’m sure lots of others would too. Plus, it would show excellent customer service & future potential in your company. Something that Mediamax was very much unable to provide.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to do something in this effort. If any additional information is needed, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

  9. I think you need to make an offer to buy the Mediamax and tlu front end software and then put that under Elephant somehow during a transition phase while people manually move the files to Elephant. Unless you have some real coding wizards. However, if TLU has already filed bankruptcy I do not know if this is possible. At the same time you need to pay Nirvanix to hold the data for the transition period beyond August 8. If they erase the data as planned everything will be meaningless. If TLU has not filed bankruptcy the should be willing to sell the Mediamax frontend. I have no idea how much a it is worth or how many customers are involved.

    Also, you could buy TLU and the employees have then work for you during the transition while they look for new jobs or perhaps become Elephant employees if that is a possibility.

  10. Hi all – thanks very much for your feedback and support.

    We’ve now been in touch with some key team members from TheLinkup and they have been eager to find ways to help their users. As we learn more, we’ll keep you all posted.


    The Team at ElephantDrive

  11. I am interested in any new developments as they are made, please!

  12. Hi,

    I wrote to enable me to get all the files off my TheLinkup account and since others might need that too, please feel free to use it.

    Currently you need to be a programmer to use it since I had no time to write a GUI or configuration interface yet (and won’t have until the 8th) and it probably spews more (non-lethal) error messages than any normal user can cope with. That said, feel free to try, it won’t eat you or your files.

    But if you are a programmer (or “The Team at ElephantDrive” :-)), it should help you. Took me many hours to find out how TheLinkup worked, I hope someone else is spared from the ordeal by this gift.

    In any case, do what you want with it. If you are a programmer and have time, maybe add configuration for the username and password and debug it? If you want, send me the improvements.

    Working right now is the following:
    – get folder and file list of your TheLinkup.
    – download files of your TheLinkup.

    (I’m using it to fetch stuff off my account as we speak)

    Easy to add (but dangerous until debugged and I don’t feel like destroying MORE files of my account) would be:
    – Move files.
    – Delete files.

  13. err. Posting URLs with is broken: so remove spaces and replace the obvious:

    less-than http : // http://www.scratchpost.org/hacks/TheLinkup_connector/ greater-than.

    (moderator: Feel free to integrate that in fixed form into my previous comment.)

    I also linked the comment’s “website” field to it.

  14. I just hope people understand that many of use need files upload to Streamload/Mediamax. I believe TLU is working the problem is it contains very few of the old files– none of mine.

    Danny, are you saying this program will access files upload prior to TLU?

  15. Orville R. Butler

    I have a significant amount of research records (I’m a historian) that now remain only on media max and apparently dead hard drives or on randomly stored cds. Mediamax is my only “organized” storage. If you can get my records accessible again, I will be very happy to join your storage unit. At present I am unable to access most of my mediamax records on “thelinkup”. This was a great service so long as data was accessible. I could go to my primary documents from anywhere I was working. But that my only source of reasonably organized records is not accessible means that using their service was a costly error unless said records can be recovered

  16. Russell Curtis

    I was also a customer of Streamload / Mediamax / TheLinkup, and I have been waiting for my files to appear in TheLinkup for the last few weeks – apparently now we only have one day left to download our files, and nearly all of mine are missing. Many, many GBs of data have gone, quite a bit of valuable data I’ve built up over the last 5 or 6 years. I’m really, really annoyed.

  17. @Jabash:

    Yes, I mean if files are on your TheLinkup account (and you can see them fine – they didn’t lose them), you can batch-download all of them with that program (I use it to download about 20GB of data from the account to my local drive without needing to be at the computer, just started it and waiting until its done… aaargh).

  18. The problem is that many people are trying to get files uploaded through Mediamax and did not get migrated to TLU. TLU is closing but if you have any programming skills that could access *MediaMax* systems please contact me.

    Also, please do not use my full name in your posts.


  19. Jabash – per your request, we have removed the reference.

  20. @Jabash:

    Oh. Well, the problem is that TheLinkup dissociated the references to the files on the Nirvanix backend for a lot of the files (lost about half I had) by accident when they were trying to get rid of unused files (or so I understand – if you want, check their blog, they described it in detail).

    So while theoretically, the files are still on the Nirvanix backend, without the {account, file path => file} mapping they’re never going to find them among thousands of other users’ files (after all, Nirvanix probably use a content hash for identifying file data – and to calculate that, you’d have to already have the file which you wanted to find – and that wouldn’t make much sense).

    That said, take this with a grain of salt, I am but a lowly user (ex-user).

    btw: the TheLinkup download server just (a few hours ago) went offline.

  21. Danny,

    I don’t know if this is the right place but I’ll ask.

    Is the dissassociation you mention the accidental “deletion” that they say happened in mid 2007 or the migration attempt to TLU in early 2008. Where is that filepath stored, on the MM frontend or the backend. Would there be a backup or prior snapshot of the database, i.e. alt-z undo. Or couldn’t the files be matched on the backend by a backup set of the files? If the user knew the file name could the file be located and the association corrected?

    Sorry if this is not the right place or if it is impossible for you to know, but I am desperate. :((

  22. Now that the Aug 8th deadline for shutting down Mediamax/TLU has come and passed and nothing has been posted on this blog about rescuing the files from it, is it safe to say they are pretty much gone and permanently deleted? Or is there possibly some other developments that we haven’t heard of or haven’t been posted here? Maybe there is still some hope that the files can still be rescued? Just wondering

  23. @Mitch –

    Unfortunately, we were not able to get the cooperation we needed from TLU and/or Nirvanix. Both suggested that only the other could help. Additionally, another storage provider purchased the right to advertise on the web site and to the users.

    This is all in spite of a great deal of assistance and feedback from concerned users – both here on this blog and in private communications. Thanks again to all who tried to help.

    We will continue to focus on the ElephantDrive service and hope you will all help us to improve the product and technology.

    The Team at ElephantDrive

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