Sorry for any confusion – this post is part of an effort to see if we can convince the operators of the Linkup to help us build a migration tool. Unfortunately, we don’t have any tools built yet, so for now we’ll just wait to see if we can get in touch with them.

As many observers of the online storage world are aware, The Linkup is winding down and its users will need to find a new home for their data. The Linkup was the latest consumer-facing incarnation of an online storage firm that has had many names (Streamload, MediaMax, The Linkup), and appears also split off a sister company focused on the enterprise called Nirvanix. The is some debate over how the two are connected, covered exhaustively and interestingly by TechCrunch.

In any event, we are not interested in the problems of the past – we just want to help users who are interested in online backup, storage, and access find a great long term solution. As it happens, there are a number of users of the The Linkup who have a limited time to retrieve their files. We would like to offer our service as a solution, and if possible allow the direct transfer of files from The Linkup to ElephantDrive. We’ve actually had several requests already to do just that, and made an overture to The Linkup team as such.

If you have any information on who we can contact to facilitate this transition, please let us know. There doesn’t appear to be any additional API documentation, but we would love to offer an application that will enable cloud-to-cloud transfer. If you are familiar with their API and con provide any feedback (is the API still open?), we are all ears.

If you are a former (or about to be former) user of The Linkup or one of its predecessors, we would still love to provide you with simple, secure, and affordable online storage.

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