Om Malik of GigaOm has posted two interested entries recently – the first chronicled the recent failures in the online storage space and posed some interesting questions about what is really viable. The ultimate question was how to stand out as a storage service.

After receiving some comments from interested parties, he followed up with a post showing the other side of the coin. He highlighted one company in particular that was growing fast and turning a profit (though would not discuss the profit levels).

Despite being a strong indication of the viability of the market, the second post did not address differentiation. At ElephantDrive, we work to provide not only secure and reliable online backup, but also simple, fast access to your data from anywhere in the world in real time. We’ve also layered in some easy to use and valuable tools like secure sharing. This combination of functionality makes a real difference and positions ElephantDrive as a compelling, differentiated offer among the online storage solutions.

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