In our ongoing effort to provide you with the most reliable and high performance storage platform on the web, we will be performing system upgrades tonight starting at around 10 PM PST.  Maintenance should last no longer than an hour.

During this time there will be periods where connectivity is down (this should be a short time) and we will be adding additonal servers to support your file indexes (this may take a little longer).  The latter period will allow you to connect to the service, but no new backups will be performed.

What are we doing?  As mentioned above, we’re adding some more iron into our internally managed datacenter to augment the great performance we get from our integration with Amazon Web Services.  Additionally, we’re adding more bandwidth capacity from Tier 1 providers so you should recognize speed at an all time high after our work is complete.

I’ll be keeping the blog updated, so check back here if you have comments or concerns or, as always, just shoot us an email at

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