Got a data loss horror story? Share it with ElephantDrive…

We are looking for consumers and businesses that are willing to share their experiences with data loss and protection with ElephantDrive.  Every user story that gets published will receive a free ElephantDrive T-Shirt and the best story will receive a brand new 16 GB iPod Touch.

Please email all submissions to and make sure to include the following:

Describe an incident in which you lost critical data:

  1. Was it the result of hardware failure?  Theft?  User error?  Fire, flood, or other natural disaster?
  2. Was it personal or business related?

Describe your experience with ElephantDrive:

  1. What do you use ElephantDrive for?
  2. How does ElephantDrive help you?  What problem does it solve?
  3. What is your favorite thing about ElephantDrive?  What is your least favorite thing about ElephantDrive?  If you could add feature(s), what would they be?
  4. Any other comments / stories / suggestions?

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