We are very happy to be welcoming many new users to the ElephantDrive system as a result of the winding down of AOL’s Xdrive service. For those that haven’t heard, AOL has decided to “sunset” the application and has begun to alert the existing users that they will need to seek alternatives.

When we learned that the Xdrive subscriber base would need to find a new solution for online backup, storage, and access, we started working with their team to develop a seamless mechanism to migrate data from one system to the other. Fortunately, the developers at Xdrive built a great API that our engineers were able to quickly integrate. The result is our “Automated Migration Tool” – an application that quickly delivers all the files in an Xdrive account to a new or exsiting ElephantDrive account. This easy-to-use feature is available now and makes moving from Xdrive to ElephantDrive a simple and secure process!

We have already started to get some common questions which we will add to our FAQ, but we wanted to address two of them here:

What will my Xdrive account look like once the migration is complete?

When the migration of files begins, we will make a special folder in your ElephantDrive account. The folder will be named “Xdrive-USERNAME” (where USERNAME will actually be your old Xdrive username). Everything will appear within that folder exactly as it appears in your current Xdrive account.

I have a free 5gb xdrive account. Do you offer free accounts?

We do offer free accounts, but our limit for the free accounts is 1 GB. We also offer free trials of our unlimited storage accounts, so you are welcome to try the service for all of your data and decide later if you would like to continue with one of our paying subscriptions. In short, if you have less the 1 GB in your free account, you can move over to ElephantDrive as is. If you have more than 1 GB, there is no charge to try out the system but we will ultimately ask you to become a paying subscriber. The good news is that our paying subscriber accounts come with a fantastic array of features and functionality. To learn more about the different options, check our our Home and Home Plus solutions for individuals or our Pro and Pro Plus solutions for business users.

In any event, the response has been very positive and we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide ElephantDrive to the former Xdrive end users.

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