Providing an easy and useful alternative to Xdrive users

We’re working hard to accommodate the high levels of new users and subscribers at ElephantDrive who are coming to us from Xdrive. Our automatic transfer tool and TrunkDrive (mapped drive) option have led some to conclude that ElephantDrive is the best option for Xdrive users. The article linked to is really a nice description of what we are doing by a writer who covers the space very closely – if you can help us spread the word a bit by “Digging” it, that would be great…

We will continue to welcome these users and work closely with the AOL/Xdrive team to make sure the process goes smoothly (they have been terrific partners in this effort).

5 thoughts on “Providing an easy and useful alternative to Xdrive users

  1. I was with Xdrive, and found service to be inadequate. Everytime I needed to access my files, there was a problem. I moved to Elephant Drive over a year ago, and have bee very satisfied with how it works, with the pricing, and with service. I’m not surprised AOL is phasing it out. It was never a priority for them in the first place.

    Keep up the good work, Elephant Drive!

  2. Hello Pat,

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience with both Xdrive and ElephantDrive.

    We are working hard to to help all the Xdrive consumers who want to make the switch to ElephantDrive.

    Time is running out for those wishing to make the switch, because AOL is shutting down the Xdrive service on January 12th 2009. I do not recommend waiting until the last day…do it now…HURRY….!

    Matt K. Olson
    Consultant @ ElephantDrive

  3. It doesn’t look like the migration system is up to the task yet or is being overloaded by too many users. I signed up for the Xdrive migration 6 days ago, we have about 18gb of files and still doesn’t look like anything has happened and I can’t access the new account to check the status either. I’m resorting to downloading my xdrive files directly to my desktop and will take my files elsewhere since the main draw with going with ElephantDrive was the migration tool. The advantage evaporates if I will still have to reload the files to their server and then still pay to upgrade to an account that can store all our files.

  4. Ok,later today I was finally able to access the status screen and see that the transfer is about 63% percent complete. Not sure what will happen to the files if it doesn’t complete before the deadline. So I have backed them up on my computer just in case.

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