Justice rules on ElephantDrive – the verdict is “great service”

We just stumbled across another great review of ElephantDrive. This one from a blogger with a name we love: Captain Justice. It looks like he was working with another service that just wasn’t getting the job done, but after an easy registration and installation the Captain is on his way to having his data backed up in the ElephantDrive cloud.

Incidentally, it turns out that the Captain is a University of Texas grad, which warms the heart of one of our founders who spent some time as a Longhorn himself. Hook ’em Horns!

We will add this to our growing list of ElephantDrive online backup reviews and wait for the next installment.

7 thoughts on “Justice rules on ElephantDrive – the verdict is “great service”

  1. Hi,

    IMHO, it would be much better to publish in blog any REAL news about the service – what are you working at, what is changed, at least “Oops, we lost all your files” 🙂 messages. Currently neither potential customers nor existing users can see that anything is live and the service hasn’t stopped in its development.


  2. Taking from my review (a/k/a Captain Justice) the following features are suggested:
    — Have the ability to pause the backup
    — Allow resizing of the report window so that, e.g., full path/filename can be exposed by widening the column
    — Allow a quick way to adjust upload speed instead of recalculating it all over again.

    Immediate bug fixes needed:
    — STOP button doesn’t work … not sure of effect of just terminating the program
    — Changing upload speed during a backup does not appear to work.

    Still testing. Initial upload still in progress.

  3. perhaps you guys have heard the news about Carbonite senior employees posting fraudulent reviews on Amazon with the knowledge of their CEO. I was wondering what you think of this type of conduct, and whether Elephant Drive has a policy in place to prevent unethical behavior like this, or do you trust that no such policy is necessary b/c your employees have basic ethics and morals? thanks!

  4. I have concerns. Many, many files being uploaded a second time w/o any modification.
    Discussion here: http://captjustice.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/testing-elephantdrive-for-online-backups/#comment-42

  5. @ Gil:

    We will make sure we get a support rep to contact you right away (if they have not already) to help resolve the issue. It sounds like a reporting problem that we have seen a few instances of, but we can track that down with you offline.

    Thanks for you feedback and for encouraging the dialog about the software.

    The Team at ElephantDrive

  6. Christine Fegles

    I’m having trouble with “Web Access File Explorer” and the continual spinning “Please wait for applet to load”. I’ve tried several times, for long periods and nothing ever happens beyond that. I finally emailed last night for help, but on the FAQ page it talks about the “live chat” option for tech help and I can’t find that either. I researched which online storage option would be best for my situation and felt that ElephantDrive met my needs, but I’m not finding it so user friendly. It would help greatly if you would create a downloadable user manual, with screen shots and comprehensive text. Just my thoughts right now. Thanks so much, Chris

  7. Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for your post at the ElephantDrive blog and apologies you are having a challenging experience. If you are stuck at the Access Your Files page, it may be because you do not have Java installed…

    In order to use the ElephantDrive service, you will need to ensure that Java version 1.5 of higher is installed on each machine. If you visit our download page (here: http://www.elephantdrive.com/download/index.aspx) there is a built in Java test. You will see a pink bar appear with your version of Java reported, as well as a link to get the latest version available from Sun.

    Hope this helps. If you are still having trouble, please shoot me a note back or try us at support@elephantdrive.com.

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