New web tools offer better experience and more features…

ElephantDrive has just released a brand new browser-based interface for uploading, downloading, and managing your data. Existing users can login and navigate to the account explorer section to check out the enhanced tools and improved look-and-feel.

We are very interested in your feedback – please feel free to comment here or email us at support at elephantdrive dot com.

7 thoughts on “New web tools offer better experience and more features…

  1. “Look and FELL”? I do hope not!


  2. @ Ian:

    Thanks for alerting us to the typo. Good catch – we’ve since corrected it. We appreciate your feedback.

    The Team at ElephantDrive

  3. How about releasing better help? Since a support phone number is nowhere to be found the least you could do is have extensive website based help and a search function.

    Finally, take this for what it is worth from someone who has written commercial software for over 20 years.

    If a user has to spend time reading the manual just to use the basic features of the software, the user will grow frustrated and find another option.

  4. @ johnsaxton:

    John – sorry you’ve had a tough time finding the contact info. On nearly every page of our site, the top of the page has a navigation bar with several links including “Contact Us.” Also, the bottom of the page has a set of footer links that also include a “Contact Us” link. The page that these links bring you to has our mailing address, email addresses, and our 800 number.

    We also appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to make our service more user-friendly and intuitive.


    The Team at ElephantDrive

    • I guess this is an older thread? I no longer see an 800 listed on your “contact us” page. I’m having an issue with billing and I don’t want to send my CC number in an email.


  5. Hi johnsaxton,
    i am able to compare elephantdrive with other software vendors and am VERY pleased about their instant and effective information when i asked for, and even more about their open information policy regarding the newest incident (did not effect me).
    I was instanty able to use the software exacty as designed and even got more information about speeding up my upload performance. As i also develop software i can not understand why you did not find the multiple contact options in the web.
    By the way: GREAT improvement of Web Explorer, now it´s really much more better to navigate through directories! And even saves state of expanded subdirectories if collapsed.
    One last thing to improve: It would be even better if one could get number and size of all files in a directory.

    Good job, Elephantdrive team, keep up the good work.

    best regards,

  6. By the looks at the reviews given to Elephant Drive on these new updates are keeping customers very happy.

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