ElephantDrive Teams with NETGEAR to Provide Cloud Storage

We’re very excited to be partners with NETGEAR and bring their users on-board cloud storage and backup with their ReadyNAS storage systems. The Netgear team announced the project at the CeBIT show in Germany this week and did a great job of explaining the concept. They are calling it the “Vault” and provide an overview of how it works at their web site.

The really innovative aspect of this solution is that deep integration with the device. We’ve worked very hard to keep our software lightwieght, flexible, and service-oriented so that it could be ported to any platform. With the ReadyNAS Vault, the automated backup software and connection to the cloud is completely built-in. This means you don’t need to install anything on your PCs or Macs. The service runs directly on the NAS and can be configured/managed entirely via a browser – from anywhere, including remote offices.

The initial press coverage and reaction has been very positive and in short order they will be releasing the service to the public. For more information, check out these stories and posts:

ReadyNAS Cloud Backup at Small Net Builder
NetGear offers cloud backup connection to SMBs at SearchStorage
NetGear Rolls Out ReadyNAS Vault: Cloud-Based Backup And Recovery Add-On at bMighty

3 thoughts on “ElephantDrive Teams with NETGEAR to Provide Cloud Storage

  1. This is fantastic news. I own a NV+ and have been looking for a solution like for several months. Great forsight!

  2. Hello,
    would it be possible in the future to have the option to go back to the previous version of the downloaded files (like in elephant drive) ??
    Thanks 😉

  3. @ Ben – thanks for the feedback. The NV+ firmware upgrade will be available via Netgear shortly.

    @ David – that functionality should already be there for you. Just select the file at the Vault web site and click the “versions” button in the toolbar.

    Thanks guys!

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