“The Great Crash” – yet another poignant reminder…

We often receive stories from our users regarding their near-experiences with massive data loss, but we also get plenty of anecdotes from individuals who are coming to us after the fact (they’ve lost data and are now committed to never allow that to happen again).

One of our subscribers alerted us today to an essay in the New York Times Magazine by writer Virginia Heffernan titled “The Great Crash.” It tells the story of the writer’s own challenging experience with a hard drive gone bad. While all these stories are sad, Herrernan’s piece is also a well-written and poignant exploration of feelings one has when confronted with the loss of priceless memories and creative work – much of which is digital these days.

Please enjoy the essay. And please don’t let it happen to you.

Use ElephantDrive – or use another service – but take some quick and easy steps to protect yourself from a problem that you know, sooner or later, is coming…

Related: In the same issue of the NYT Magazine, there is a fascinating article on the growth of data centers. If you are a big nerd (like all of us at ElephantDrive) you might want to check it out too…

One thought on ““The Great Crash” – yet another poignant reminder…

  1. Guys – long time subscriber with a suggestion. I found a neat service that would make a nice extension of yuor service – check out Lifestream Backup. They do backup of your social media account (e.g. Twitter, Blogger). I’d like to get that kind of service and the ElephantDrive service in one account. Partnership? (all I want is 10%…)

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