What’s in a name? Does “cloud storage” make sense?

Today’s New York Times includes an interesting article by Mary Tripsas that focuses on how new technologies are marketed – specifically on how many successful efforts to market new technologies have found a creative way to classify the new technology in terms of an older, more familiar one.

Even though cloud storage has been around in one form or another for many years now, it has just now started to become widely adopted and remains know by many different names.  Cloud storage, online storage, web locker, remote backup, etc…  We’re curious – does “cloud storage” have a clear meaning to you, or is there still an opportunity to define the product in general terms (the way Sony used “memory stick” to define a portable USB drive or early auto makers used “horseless carriage” to successfully juxtapose cars with more familiar modes of transportation).

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name? Does “cloud storage” make sense?

  1. I hate the term “cloud storage.” It’s a black box term and I like to know exactly what is happening to my data. I’ve been storing files on the net on my personal server for years. I suppose I’ve already had my own cloud…

    • Fair enough Poncho – it’s why we asked the question. Is there a label that means something that would accurately describe, in your mind, what a service like ElephantDrive provides?

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