Online storage is going mobile – let us know what your platform is

According to a study reported on by TMC, half of small businesses use smart phones to conduct business.  What implications does this have in terms of online storage and data backup? First, small business users need to have the ability to access mission-critical data remotely on their mobile device at any time.  Lack of data access is of growing concern to users, as evidenced by 64% of survey respondents who have been unable to access important information when on the road.  Second, as more and more business is done on one’s mobile device, protecting and storing one’s mobile data is of increasing importance.  

In order to respond to this evolving business and technological context, ElephantDrive engineers are actively working on developing our mobile backup and storage solutions that will allow a user to access important business files from their respective servers at anytime, share files, and automatically backup mobile data.

3 thoughts on “Online storage is going mobile – let us know what your platform is

  1. It’s nice to know that you think of extend support to mobile storage as well, but I’d rather have the ElephantDrive Windows applications working properly first.

  2. Not sure if your poll relates to operating systems or handset manufacturers but…

    By far the leading supplier of mobile phones worldwide is Nokia. Their smartphones use Symbian (except for the most recent Linux based N900). Symbian is by far the world’s most popular smart phone operating system having shipped on 330m phones ( ).

    So why would you not even mention it in your poll? Is it just the well-known US habit of not being able to see past your borders (until, as Ambrose pointed out, you go to war). Come on, even Sarah Palin’s been abroad now…

  3. @Tim

    Thanks for the feedback. We got the poll options from the inbound requests to our support line and just hadn’t received many regarding the Nokia platforms (yet).

    That said, we thank you for highlighting the need. Undoubtedly, being based in the US affects our planning, so we welcome feedback from the international community. It keeps us on our toes and informed.

    As a preview, we are likely to support the linux-based platforms in short order but Symbian (in spite of its wide distribution) is not part of the current road map.

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