This is a system update and incident report for a partial system outage on April 7th, 2010 from approximately 2:00 am PDT to 8:30 am PDT.

During the last several hours, we experienced an unexpected period of degraded service.  The direct result was the inability to authenticate and login for a subset of our user base.  The indirect consequences of the problem were, for the affected users, the inability to add new files and access existing data during the window.

The security and integrity of all data stored in our systems was not impacted in any way.

The root cause of the problem has been identified and corrected, so all users should be experiencing normal operations and performance as of this posting.  The problem resulted from instability in the software virtualization layer of one node of the authentication system which has been successfully re-engaged.

We apologize for an inconvenience and will continue our efforts to automate detection and resolution of any similar issues so that we can minimize any future issues.