Big Data? More like Huge Data…

We deal with large amounts of data every day here, so it takes a lot to impress the team when it comes to numbers.  But the recent IDC/EMC report entitled Digital Universe Decade did just that — the massive growth of digital information that has fueled the hot topic of “Big Data” and the commercial demand for cloud storage solutions is just getting warmed.  The report projects that the next decade will see data expand by a factor of 44!  We are talking about Zettabytes.

In 2010 there will be 1.2 Zettabytes of data generated.   To put that in perspective (borrowing from the report and other coverage), that is…

  • The digital information created by every man, woman and child on Earth ‘Tweeting’ continuously for 100 years
  • 75 billion fully-loaded 16 GB Apple iPads, which would fill the entire area of Wembley Stadium to the brim 41 times, the Mont Blanc Tunnel 84 times, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider tunnel 151 times, Beijing National Stadium 15.5 times or the Taipei 101 Tower 23 times
  • A full-length episode of FOX TV’s hit series ’24’ running continuously for 125 million years
  • 707 trillion copies of the more than 2,000-page U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into Law in March 2010. Stacked end to end, the documents would stretch from Earth to Pluto and back 16 times or cover every inch of the United States in paper 3 feet deep

So, yeah.  Huge Data.

Please don’t forget to back yours up and keep it accessible from anywhere at ElephantDrive or Compliant Data.

2 thoughts on “Big Data? More like Huge Data…

  1. Yes, but access to my account is extremely slow; so even though I can store the data, if I can’t get to it in a timely manner – what good is that?

    Quicker and easier access up front is what we need. That is the truth of it all. Many companies have lots and lots of storage but the user needs to get to it quickly and be able to view and change if needed. Elephant in my opinion needs the same level of improvement.

  2. @dgdikun – Thanks for adding a great point. We are constantly working to improve the speed of delivery and access.

    Keep your eyes peeled for new options coming soon. For items that are not sensitive, we will enable unencrypted storage that will speed both upload and download by eliminating the processing around encryption and decryption. Obviously, the channel of the communication will remain secure and encrypted like the connection with your online banking, and the files will still be stored in secured physical facilities, but this will provide a faster alternative to our standard “always encrypted” defaults.

    More to come – thanks again for your feedback!

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