It’s that time of year again — the summer! And with summer comes summer vacation, new destinations, and holiday travel. These days, we’re not just taking the regular old stuff on our trips — we’re now taking all sorts of electronic gadgets loaded with important data. Laptops, phones, cameras, MP3s, you name it — they’re all being stuffed away into our suitcases and pockets as we embark on our holiday travel.

However, as many travelers know, the dangers of loss and theft increase while on vacation or in a new place.

No matter how careful you are, sometimes it just happens. Suitcases get lost. Gadgets are swiped. Things get left behind or damaged. And even if you get a new one, the danger is that the soul of that item can never be retrieved — that is, the data. The pictures, music, videos and documents you put together over time — especially over your vacation time — can be gone forever.

A couple friends had gone to a foreign country recently, and put their bags in the trunk of a taxi cab. When they got out, they simply forgot to take out their bags — which contained two laptops. It wasn’t the laptops that concerned them as much as the priceless files on their laptops. Well, they spent an entire two stress-filled days of their vacation chasing down cabs and dealing with a not-so-organized taxi company, all in a language they couldn’t speak and fearing the worst.

Luckily, the cab driver was a nice guy and when he found the laptops he found a way to contact them and give it back. But how often does that happen in a foreign, unknown land where you can’t even speak the language? Instead of finding out the hard way, it is always wise to back up your data — especially when backing up is so incredibly simple, cheap, and convenient, and accessible worldwide.

So before you dump your bags in that foreign taxi’s trunk, make sure all that data was first backed up and dumped into our ElephantDrive Trunk. You’ll definitely get it back.

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