Update: Service coming back up!

ElephantDrive Nation,

We have been working hard with Amazon Web Services team in the past 40 hours to rectify the issues caused by the problems with our EC2 instances. Like many other firms, we were not able provide service for the vast majority of the window.

We are happy to announce that we are now back up and running. We are currently doing integrity checks and will be slowly bringing all systems back online in the next couple of hours. In the meantime, you should be able to operate normally, though we will be conducting a variety of tests on live services and moving nodes in and out of the farm, so intermittent issues may still occur.

After all systems are online and operating normally, it is our top priority to do a thorough analysis of the issues and develop a plan to improve our infrastructure to handle situations like this in the future. Our team at ElephantDrive sincerely thanks you for your patience and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

Team ElephantDrive

2 thoughts on “Update: Service coming back up!

  1. But, I can’t access my files on Elephant Drive and my emails to support yesterday don’t get answered. Very strange way to treat clients – NO access to my backed up files and NO response from support.

    • Today is 4/27, three days after I posted the comment “still awaiting moderation.” I still don’t have access to my backed up files, my business is dead in the water as a result, and my request for help is ignored by Elephant Drive support. I have sent several emails, cannot find a telephone number to call them, received an email reply that “engineers will look into it.” I can’t imagine worse service, especially for a “start up” against another small business.

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