Wrap Up – Last Week’s Issues

ElephantDrive Nation,

We are very happy to announce that all our core/critical systems were back online as of late Friday (4/22) evening and all primary systems were back online back Saturday morning. To reiterate a key point, no data was lost or compromised.

We have done thorough checks and conducted a variety of tests to ensure integrity has not been compromised and that everything is operating smoothly. You will now be able to access and use ElephantDrive normally.

As mentioned in our earlier post, it is now our priority to develop a plan to improve our infrastructure to better handle such situations in the future. We will be posting a full post-analysis during the next few days to provide more details on the situation – as much as possible we will work with the team from Amazon Web Services to provide information as well.

We thank you again for your patience during this outage period.

Team ElephantDrive

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up – Last Week’s Issues

  1. It’s Wednesday and I still can’t access my backup files. I received one email from Scott – engineers are looking into problem.

    Seriously, are you serious about customer service when you treat your small customers like this – give me access to my records so I can get my business back up.

    John O’Connor

  2. Hi ED,

    Would you mind to recap again what happened that day ? I’m looking for the report you mentioned in your post. Have any link about that please ?

    Thank you.

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