Battle of the NAS devices includes cloud storage options

Great coverage of the increasing competition in the small business NAS space by Desmond Fuller at Infoworld – check out his piece on the “NAS shootout” for the details.

As our friends at OnlineCloudStorage Blog point out, the two big winners were QNAP and NETGEAR, outpacing the competition at least in part because of their built-in cloud backup services.

If you are a NAS owner, what is the most important cloud storage feature to you…

2 thoughts on “Battle of the NAS devices includes cloud storage options

  1. After my Win Home Server died, I had to pick a new solution: ended up with a QNAP which also had ED back-up built-in.

  2. From the original article…

    Then there’s “cloud backup” — using backup software that copies the data on the NAS to a cloud storage service. Typically, these services charge a monthly fee that depends on the amount of data you need to store on their servers. Procedures are in place to ensure the privacy of your data via encryption and security policies. Iomega and Netgear use their own cloud storage solutions, but other NAS manufacturers such as QNAP offer backup to third parties such as Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive.

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