Being a massive football fan is a good thing, but only when your team is winning. I had the enjoyment of watching my team have a great regular season and then enter the playoffs as the unanimous favorite. When the New York Giants advanced to the second round to face my Green Bay Packers I was ecstatic, and I felt confident… too confident. My over-confidence showed, and one guy in my office decided make a bet with me about who would win the game.

Office bets can either backfire in your face and turn out to be the worst thing ever or end up being the greatest experience of all time; it just depends on who wins and how much gloating goes on. Unfortunately, the guy I bet is a major gloater, and when the Giants upset my Packers I knew I wasn’t going to hear the end of it.

The game was on Sunday and as soon as the Packers lost I dreaded seeing him Monday. I couldn’t imagine what he’d say to me, and I was hoping there would be a way to avoid it. I wished I could communicate with him without having to actually communicate with him. And then it hit me… The Cloud! I can do all my work and securely dump work files on the cloud. That way I wouldn’t have to see him face-to-face right after the game. If he had any notes, he could also dump them in the cloud, this was perfect.

I sent him an email to inform him that I was in hiding and if he needed me I’d be on the cloud. As Monday progressed, I managed to avoid him and still finish all of my work by uploading my files to the cloud so he and the office could see them. The cloud was saving me from having to deal with an onslaught of gloating.

As Monday was coming to an end and as I was, ahem, hiding in my office, I was getting ready to head home when I received an update that one of my work files was modified. I opened it to check out the modifications; the gloating guy whom I made the bet with did the adjustments. I opened the modified file that was marked urgent, in big red letters it read: GO GIANTS.

I almost made it the full day…

The cloud can save you from people who gloat (insert post link)

We all want to be just like elephants:

Always be prepared and secured with ElephantDrive… just like this elephant:

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