My sister just had her first child, and within the first month my mom managed to take enough pictures to last a lifetime. With all of the pictures she was taking, I was constantly backing up the files to her computer and to the cloud. She doesn’t understand technology very well, so I never really got into how secure and how regularly the files were backed up. I set up the ElephantDrive Cloud on her computer and told her not to worry about syncing anything – it would automatically do it for her – which it did.

One day I got a call from my mom telling me she wanted to make a calendar with different pictures of the new child on it. She went on to tell me she was at a store that would do it for her and she wanted to know how she could get the people the pictures. She asked if there was anyway I could get all of the pictures to her.

My mom still operates in the floppy disk era and thinks that everything has to be physically delivered. When I said, “Mom, the store can access your pictures via the cloud,” she was, at first, confused… very confused. I went on to tell her how when she uploads pictures, they’re backed up; they’re always going to be secure.

After instructing her on what to do, we sync’d the calendar store to her pictures and they were able to easily extract any picture she wanted. About 20 minutes after I told her what to do she called me and told me it was done, and that it worked. “Of course it worked!” I said. She went on to tell me that she made a calendar that’s a collage of pictures of the newborn…. Pretty sure I know what I’m getting for my birthday this year.

Pretty sure the cloud is giving me my birthday present this year.

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