You might be wondering why exactly our site is called ElephantDrive. I know I was when I first started to use the website – after all, a file hosting website doesn’t seem to have much in common with a 13,000-lb. land animal native to Africa and India.

Well, here’s a list of elephant-related things that ElephantDrive is definitely not named after:

  • The critically acclaimed White Stripes album Elephant. I bought this in college and immediately annoyed my roommates trying to learn how to play Jack White’s guitar riffs. The emphasis must be placed on “trying.” (
  • “Elephant Stone,” a single off of the Stone Roses’ first album. One of the must-plays during my very brief “indie / British” period in college (
  • The 1995 film Operation Dumbo Drop, which stars Denis Leary, Ray Liotta and Danny Glover. It’s the story of a group of American GIs in Vietnam delivering a worshipped elephant to a vital community. It’s as bad as it sounds. My father walked out halfway through the film. (
  • “Stomper,” the mascot of the Oakland Athletics ( Maybe this would have been a choice in the McGwire / Canseco / LaRussa Athletics of the 1980s. Definitely not with their current team. (
  • Joseph Merrick, “The Elephant Man (” Probably best known today for that whole “Michael Jackson bought his bones!” rumor.

Well, here are the real reasons why we’re called ElephantDrive. First, we’re big. No one can top the sheer amount of storage we can offer on our servers – everything from 2GB of space for “Personal” accounts with our free “Lite” account to as much as you can store with the “Enterprise” accounts. Second, we “work for peanuts.” No matter the amount of storage space you need, you won’t find a better, cheaper price online. For more details, you can see the pricing here ( Finally, (just like an elephant), we won’t forget. Your data won’t get lost or corrupted, so you’ll always be able to “remember” that vital file you need for work or play.

To close, let me post another jam off of that White Stripes album. My fingers almost fell off trying to play this one. (

Elephants: they’re big, they work for peanuts, and they won’t forget. Just Like ElephantDrive.

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