It seems like just about every day, some news comes out showing that quantum computing is moving out of the realms of science fictiony predictions and labs and closer and closer to an everyday reality. Now, news comes out of the University of Vienna that the technology could have remarkable implications for computer security, and cloud computing in specific.


First, a quick primer. Quantum computing is based in part on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Put plainly, quantum entanglement means that there is some force that binds particles across vast distances, so that changing one particle in Location A means that another particle in Location B changes instantaneously. Think that’s weird? You’re not alone: Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.”  There’s more, actually, including quantum superposition, but quantum superposition may scare you and make you question your worldview (or just give you a headache) so we’re going to keep it simple.


Now that you’re thoroughly confused, back to Vienna. Researchers there have applied quantum computing to the problem of security in cloud computing. Their work would, essentially, allow users to choose an encryption key known only to them before the transmission of data. The data is transmitted to and processed by a remote server, before being sent back to the user. Through the whole process, no one but the user is privy to the actual information transmitted, even if they manage to eavesdrop on the transmission.


Of course, as with just about anything with “quantum” in its name, all of this is quite a ways off before it reaches mass market applicability. In the mean time, if you’re looking to ensure your data is secure when you store it, keep in mind that ElephantDrive provides military-grade security for all of your stored data. It might not be “spooky,” but it’s secure enough for the most secure institutions in the world today.


In the future, there will be quantum computers and your elephantdrive will update automatically. Oh wait that’s now






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