Europe Loves the Cloud? Indeed, Good Sir.

A new study is out on trends in adoption of cloud solutions among Europeans, and – if its numbers are to be believed – Britons are pretty far ahead of their continental brethren in hopping onto the cloud.

A web hosting firm surveyed 272 Europeans on their web habits, finding that 63 percent of British respondents used cloud-based storage regularly, compared with the overall European average of 40 percent. The survey found that digital memories, work documents, and personal documents were the most commonly stored items. According to the survey, videos aren’t as popular a medium to store in the cloud, likely due to bandwidth limitations. But even in this sector, Britons were more likely to use the technology, with 42 percent of respondents indicating they store videos in the cloud.

The survey also found that security is a sizable concern among those that haven’t been using the cloud. No surprise there, as overall security and online privacy rights have become quite the issues in the EU. Recent EU proposals would call for greater security and clarity regarding user data and users’ rights to that data, and a number of sites you may have heard of  are having their own issues with the implications of the new EU user privacy regulations. (Of course, you already know about ElephantDrive’s world-class security, and our EULA is readily available for you to see.)

The aforementioned survey didn’t go into specifics, though, on what users like the most from their storage services. No word on whether ease of use trumped accessibility, or if price was the ultimate consideration. But no matter your top consideration, no matter if you’re in Europe or elsewhere, it’s probably a good idea to go with the cloud storage system that offers ease, ubiquity, and security at a wide range of prices: ElephantDrive.

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