My boss treats everything like he’s a secret agent. He’s always told me that the security of his personals is the most important thing to him. When he told me he needed to secure and back up his files, I immediately thought of The Cloud and ElephantDrive. When I told him about it, he asked if I could set it up for him. I said it doesn’t take that much time, but for whatever reason he insisted I do it.

As I was sitting in his office on the brink of officially getting him set up he pounced on me with questions. I knew he was going to ask me them, it was inevitable.

My boss is pretty frantic, so you have to imagine every question with stress and on the brink of yelling.

“Is someone going to steal this info!?”

No, it’s secure.

“How do you know!?”

I showed him ElephantDrive’s principles of security and read about the encryption they use so nobody can access your personals. I showed him that ElephantDrive has secure servers and closes off all ports that don’t need to be open – nobody can access it. He proceeded to read, and I saw his stress level go down a bit.

“Well what if someone steals my computer!?”

I told him that he could make a secure password so he’s the only one who can access his files, no matter what. An added bonus is that if he wanted to share files with anyone, he can also add another password on that so absolutely nobody would see it.

He scratched his eyebrow while looking a bit impressed. Eventually he gave me the okay to install. The installation took just a few minutes and before I could make it out of the office I told him he could securely access his files from any computer. He finally gave me the okay to leave.

As I was walking out I couldn’t help but respect how he likes his security… And I’m starting to seriously think he’s a secret agent.


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