Judgment day was finally upon me. A work presentation that I neglected for over a month was due in one day. Throughout my workday and before the presentation my boss had asked me specifics about what I was presenting. My mission was to basically create a marketing campaign for a new business, so any time anyone would ask me how things were coming I’d just brush it off or make something up, knowing full well that when I got home I’d be having an all night work marathon.

Part of me was frantic; the other part of me was angry with myself for delaying this as long as I did. On my drive home I called my fiancé and told her that when I walked in the house to not talk to me because I needed to head to the computer and work – that was my way of prepping her that I may be in a very bad mood for the rest of the night.

When I walked in, the computer was already on. I sat down and didn’t move for about 8 straight hours – I was in work mode. As I was working I was thinking that if I could work all the time like I do while in a last minute rush I might be a super human… And then it happened. Out of nowhere my computer just went black. I sat frozen staring at the screen for a good minute, clicked, turned it back on, and yelled: NO!

My fiancé came in to see why I was yelling. The computer crashed, I said. She was nonchalant and said It will be okay. What? How could it be okay? I was freaking out. I reopened my program and saw nothing. I couldn’t believe it; it was as though my last 8 hours were for nothing. I kept searching – nothing. I started to play scenarios out in my head about what I would say at work knowing full well I couldn’t finish this thing in time. It was too late. I stood up and started to pace around the room.

My overly calm fiancé sat down in my chair, I kept pacing and then as I turned around I saw it – it was back! On the screen, exactly where I left off, was my beautiful work project. I didn’t say anything, just stared. Then my fiancé said: I told you; you should be using The Cloud more often. She went on to say that she had purchased ElephantDrive, and apparently we’d had it for months.

I told her I didn’t do anything to back it up. She went on to tell me that it automatically backs up your workflow for you, and every few minutes it saved what I was working on. Apparently it starts as soon as the computer turns on. I almost cried from happiness.

As I went to work the next day, fully reminded why I love my fiancé, I talked about the beauty of the cloud for about 15 minutes before my presentation.

If you’re wondering – the presentation went great.



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