My friend edits movie trailers, which ultimately means he’s sitting in front of his computers for hours on end looking over footage. At any given time when you go to his apartment he has roughly 8 to 10 external hard drives scattered around his desk, like he’s building a fort with them. When I was hanging at his house, I finally had it and couldn’t look at the clutter any longer. It was too much to take.

I told my friend it was time for a change; I couldn’t stand this anymore. He went on to tell me he hates them (which I didn’t know) and if he could find something with more space he’d change immediately. I honestly wish I knew this. I was under the impression my friend had some kind of love for the external hard drives. Immediately I told him about The Cloud and ElephantDrive.

Again, he reiterated to me that he needs space. Yes, I know, I said, and told him you can actually get as much space as he needed.  If he wasn’t sold then, he was sold when he found out he had the capability to do back ups on all of his devices, he could have an automatic sync, he was secured, and he had support.

Moments later we backed up all of his external hard drives and marveled at the space that was saved in his office. Suddenly his office just seemed bigger and easier to be in. I even think that my friend was a bit happier. When we opened the cloud, all of his files were sorted as he wanted them – it was a new, clean, and better approach to his file back ups.

He proceeded to sit at his computer and edit for another few hours, with all the space he needed and back ups to boot.

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