An exhaustive list of the uses for online backup would make this post book length, and everyone is sick of “top ten” lists, so here’s a list of eleven reasons why you should have online backup.

  1. For your business, it’s a sure way to make certain that you don’t go out of business should a fire, burglary or computer malfunction occur.  If you’re already backing everything up to, say, external hard drives, online backup gives you protection should they become corrupted.
  2. If you have an irreplaceable video from your granddaughter’s birthday party, you can secure it and retrieve it from anywhere; and, you can share it with others without wrestling with a file that’s too large for email.
  3. If you’re writing the great American novel, or even the next cheesy slasher screenplay, you might want to be able to access and work on it from anywhere and from any computer.  And, you don’t want to have to download it to someone else’s computer to work on it, lest you watch in horror as your (former) best friend accepts the Oscar.
  4. All of you photos are important, and all need to be secure and accessible from anywhere.  Depending on just your computer’s hard drive is a terrible mistake.
  5. Your resume’ and cover letter, as well as versions that you’ve sent out.
  6. All of your emails, texts and personal notes.
  7. Your tax return.  While this is an extremely sensitive and personal document, losing it can be hazardous to your health.  If you choose the right solution provider (ElephantDrive offers security that is second to none) you have nothing to worry about.
  8. Your birth certificate and those of your children.  (Who knows, one of them may want to run for President someday.)
  9. Anything you may want to transfer to another device.  Sure, some hardware manufacturers offer cloud services, but data syncing covers only their products.  You need to be able to sync effortlessly regardless of how many different devices from different manufacturers you are using.

10. Anything you may want to share with someone else.  As Point 2 says, some files are just too large to email, and picking and choosing files to email to multiple recipients can be a major pain.

11. Anything to which you want to have access from anywhere.  Suppose you’ve got some unexpected down time and would like to work on that business proposal, but you don’t have your laptop.  With online backup, you can access your data from any computer with an Internet connection.

So, that covers eleven out of a potential million or so.  But just these eleven are reason enough to rethink your data storage and backup strategy.  You need to be protected against all contingencies and availed of all conveniences, and nothing does it better than cloud services for online backup.

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