Some things are so simple they actually need pointing out, just so that people don’t forget them. Over at Proformative, we get one of those simple reminders: Back up your data, even if you’ve stored it on the cloud.

It’s no secret that cloud storage is continually growing in popularity. It’s proving to be an exceptional solution for businesses and individuals, as well as local, state, and national governments. Even the military is jumping onto the cloud bandwagon. Advances in security are making sure that the data people and organizations are storing on the cloud remains private, but of course no solution is foolproof. In the event of an outage or, say, the revelation that the owner of your storage provider is just a lap cat away from being a Bond villain, you need to have a backup for the data you’re storing remotely.

Now, faced with this, you could go through the process of saving multiple copies of files in a number of undisclosed locations. But wouldn’t it be nice to have your files automatically backed up to the cloud, no matter what device you save them from? And wouldn’t it be nicer to have a copy of those files remain on your device, so that if you have access to your computer you have access to the files you need?

This is where an offering like ElephantDrive Desktop becomes particularly valuable. Sure, it’s useful for storing your files in the cloud, where they’re protected by military-grade security. And, yes, sure those files become accessible from a number of supported devices; but you also have a copy sitting right on your own computer. That way, if you can’t connect to the Internet, you can still access your own files. And when you can get back onto the Internet, your files will automatically update. Think of it as a backup for your backup for your backup… until your Internet is back up.

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