While babysitting my 2-year-old niece I learned something that I don’t think anyone in my family knew – she loves bunnies. Apparently she loves everything about them. Whether we’re watching a TV show, online video, or looking at bunny pictures, she starts laughing at an uncontrollable rate – and I love it. In my short time dealing with my niece I’ve learned that I’d rather have children doing anything that isn’t crying, and currently this obsession with bunnies is saving my ears.

My niece and I were playing around on the Internet, and any time I clicked on a bunny picture she’d laugh, I’d save the picture, and we’d move on. I was holding this nugget of information because I wanted to surprise her mother (my sister).  I proceeded to set my sister’s home computer up with an ElephantDrive account so we were both synced. Once I installed the software, things were simple: any time I would save a picture on my computer it saved to the cloud, ultimately saving to my sister’s computer.

Over the next hour, I was in bunny mode, saving anything and everything to the large storage of the cloud. I think it’s safe to say that my niece and I exhausted the bunny world on the Internet. When my sister proceeded to come home I didn’t say anything, just said goodbye and went on my way.

A day later while on the phone with my sister, I heard my niece crying in the background. I told my sister to walk over to her computer and open the cloud. She did. I told her to start pulling up the bunny pictures, and then suddenly I heard my niece laughing.

The cloud is perfect for my niece. Any time I find something of bunny importance I just drop it in the cloud, and vice versa with my sister. Any time they come over to my house we just pull up the pictures and save ourselves from any amount of crying… I just hope she continues to like bunnies.



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