No, not higher taxes.  No online backup provider, not even ElephantDrive, can help you with that, unfortunately.  We’re talking about data security and recovery here, and the fact that a recent survey by a major software company revealed that 57% of all small businesses have no disaster recovery plan.  57%!!! Yikes! That means, in simple terms, in case of a catastrophe (natural or otherwise), 57% of all small business are at high risk to go out of business. If you don’t have a disaster plan, you’re vulnerable.

And, if you own a small business, there is simply no excuse for you to be in this position. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into your business.  It’s your life, and very likely represents the future welfare of both you and your family. Not being prepared for the worst-case scenario leaves you vulnerable.

Would you be so cavalier if we were talking about actual matters of life or death?  Think about it in these terms:

1.      You would never eat tuna salad that’s been left out in the sun, would you?
2.      If you have a young child, you wouldn’t drive at high speeds with him or her jumping up and down in the back seat, would you?
3.      Would you go without car insurance or health insurance?
4.      Do you like to engage in dangerous behavior?

So why be nonchalant about the risks you face with your small business?  There are no excuses anymore.  Online data storage and backup for small businesses from ElephantDrive is inexpensive, requires no hardware investment, is versatile enough to store more than just documents, and can make your small business not only more secure, but more efficient.  That’s because with the universal accessibility offered by the best online backup providers (did we mention ElephantDrive?), you don’t have to lug documents around to work from home or remote locations.  Such a deal. Security, accessibility, flexibility, versatility, affordability – more “ities” than you would have ever thought possible.

Your small business may be small, but whether you want to keep it small or grow it big, there’s no reason not to be big time when it comes to safety.  There’s no reason not to consider online backup and disaster recovery from ElephantDrive.


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