There’s no way one can overstate the reasons why every computer user (read: everyone) should have online backup, and we’re going to completely ignore two of the most commonly mentioned: convenience and accessibility.  That’s because these speak for themselves; convenience in that – wait a minute – we’re going to ignore these, aren’t we?

Okay, fair enough, we’ll address them briefly because they’re too important to ignore.  Convenience because your important files, photos, music, movies, everything can be backed up automatically; accessibility because you can get to your stuff from any computer anywhere on earth that there happens to be a high-speed Internet connection, which would seem to be anywhere on earth. But let’s get to the three reasons we simply can’t reiterate enough, shall we?

1.     You might just forget to back your stuff up by the old-fashioned methods, such as to a thumb drive or a CD Rom. And, you might back them up carelessly, randomly and in an unorganized manner, making them hard to retrieve and use.  And, if you’re not careful, you might end up backing stuff up multiple times on the same device, a complete waste of time.  And speaking of a waste of time isn’t dragging and dropping your documents onto an external disk or CD Rom a total drag?

2.     While you mean to take good care of your hardware, you just might fry your hard drive by spilling coffee on it or even dropping it, the dog might eat your thumb drive or use your CD Rom for a rawhide, or it might get stolen.  For that matter, if your house gets burglarized, even your various backup devices might get stolen. Bummer. There was even a case wherein a writer purportedly sold his old computer on eBay and forgot to copy all of his manuscripts.  Ouch!

3.             Just as our dependence on computers has changed, so has the threat from things like viruses and malware and ransomware. And the threats are likely to get more and more, well, threatening.  And more creative. The predators who make an illegitimate living seem to get smarter and smarter.  You need to stay one step ahead of them, and the best way to do that is to utilize online backup.  And, when you add up all of the features and benefits and value; for the lay person, the small business and even the large enterprise, ElephantDrive fits the bill.

Don’t fall victim to carelessness or complacency.  You now have access to the most sophisticated data and multimedia backup the consumer tech world has ever known.  Go for it!

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