In our last article, we talked about the need of having your data encrypted before it leaves your local device. Even when your data is encrypted at all times and it is safe while in transmission, your backup service provider is likely to have access to it. ElephantDrive understands that you may require that only you have access to your data and provides a solution for this need.

CSO Online published a very intensive study of 30 different cloud backup service providers where it informs the security executives of their options. In Storing in the Cloud Securely, author Ashton Mills talks about keeping your data accessible by you only.   With ElephantDrive, you can use private-encryption keys to secure your data. Using this method, you can always ensure that not even ElephantDrive will have access to your data decrypted. ElephantDrive will receive your data encrypted with the private keys that only you know of.

The flip side of having private keys is that if you happen to lose them, ElephantDrive will be unable to decrypt your data. But that is the point why you have private keys. Bottom line: know that you have the option to keep your data only accessible by you. Simply because you’re storing your data in the cloud does not have to mean that it can be accessed by someone else.

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