A report just released by IHS iSuppli includes some of the amazing cloud storage growth metrics that we’ve been witnessing firsthand at ElephantDrive. The report (the IHS iSuppli Mobile and Wireless Communications Service) highlights include:

  • 500 million personal cloud storage subscriptions are expected this year, up from less than 300 million in 2011
  • subscriptions are expected to jump to 625 million next year, a solid increase of 25%
  • uninterrupted double-digit growth anticipated to follow until at least 2017, by which time subscriptions to cloud storage are projected to hit 1.3 billion.

The chart pretty much says it all…

Worldwide Personal Cloud Storage Subscriptions (millions)

The report was commission for wireless providers but addressed all forms for personal cloud storage subscription. We first learned about it at Storage Newsletter’s web site coverage, who added their own commentary:

Overall, cloud computing is a dramatic game changer, representing a fundamental shift in the way broadband data is handled by both consumers and service providers. This is true even while issues of security and compliance still need to be addressed. Other roadblocks Рsuch as content fragmentation, content portability and privacy Рalso exist that could prove problematic to the industry’s vision to achieve the seamless synching, sharing and consumption of digital content from the cloud.

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