This is the second in our series posts guest authored by the Cloud Observation Squadron, offering inisghts, suggestions, and interesting facts about cloud storage to all members of the ElephantDrive Herd (and pretty much anyone else who will read).

The statistics are just scary. Over half of small and medium-sized businesses are at risk of losing data using old storage methods like USBs and CDs via external hard-drives. The businesses aren’t even taking the time to back-up their data daily. While 90% of 500 businesses surveyed by Buffalo Technology agrees that this is unacceptable behavior, only 40% of those business professionals seek advice from an IT specialist.

“Failing to back up data to the cloud, or to a networked NAS device, rather than removable media devices leaves the company at much higher risk of data loss, leakage and hacking.” -Paul Hudson, 62% of small and medium-sized business owners continue to rely on USBs, CDs and desktop storage

You can’t afford to lose any more data. Data is time. And more importantly, time is money. A few small businesses are starting to take the possibility of data loss seriously and combining a fast, reliable Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with a powerful online backup system. This “belt-and-suspenders” approach is the best way to ensure against digital disaster.

ElephantDrive provides a NAS compatible cloud-based backup, storage, and sharing solution called NAS cloud storage. It is the future. Soon all desktops, laptops, and other devices will use this method of data storage. It is fast, easy and a sure way that you won’t lose any data. Our system is managed entirely through the NAS admin and our web interface.

Ready to join the future of online sharing? Stop putting your business at risk, and contact us now.

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