This is the fourth in our series posts guest authored by the Cloud Observation Squadron, offering inisghts, suggestions, and interesting facts about cloud storage to all members of the ElephantDrive Herd (and pretty much anyone else who will read).

Gone are the days of a typical 9-to-5 job. Work is now performed around the clock in multiple places with various people. The new way to share information with colleagues is by online sharing. There are many ways online sharing can boost your business maximizing efficiency.

“Many people are saying that 2013 will be the “break-out” year for cloud storage. A number of factors are pushing online data storage offerings – including file sharing, backup, archiving and more – beyond the consumer and small business market and into big business datacenters.” – Paul Rudo, Key Differences Between Server and Desktop Online Storage

File sharing is easy with online sharing through an online backup service. Upload a file from anywhere to the secure server. The file enters the network and is instantly shared with the designated recipients. This way of sharing information has endless possibilities. Partners working across countries can communicate with little effort. Everyone will literally be on the same page.

The backup of data is another hassle that an online sharing service solves. Major amounts of data are lost everyday due to improperly backing up data or not even backing up at all. Did you sync your data today?

Archiving data is necessary. Stop sorting though endless mounds of CDs or other storage devices trying to find that one important document or email address. Important information is accessible fast and easily using server-specific features. When all data has been loaded into a secure network, finding a needle in a hay stack is child’s play.

One key differentiator of ElephantDrive is that we have software that runs not only on laptops, desktops, etc.. but also that runs natively on NAS devices. It is managed entirely through the NAS admin and our web interface and is the leading solution in the space (ships from the factory on NETGEAR, QNAP, and Thecus devices, and others to come). Please, contact us about your data management.

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