ElephantDrive App for Drobo 5N NAS!

Lo and behold, ElephantDrive is now available on Drobo 5N NAS! We are excited to announce the brand new ElephantDrive App for Drobo 5N NAS device.

Drobo 5N NAS is the newest NAS platform that ElephantDrive is now available on. Drobo users can now securely backup their important data to the cloud directly from the NAS itself. ElephantDrive is continuing to progress its goal of providing cloud backup, sync, and file sharing features to consumers and IT professionals working across different NAS platforms.

The ElephantDrive app is available for installation in the Drobo Apps section. It takes less than two minutes to set up an ElephantDrive account and get your backups running. Drobo users can sign up for an ED account directly from the Drobo Dashboard (see steps here) or from the ED-Drobo page. All new Drobo users will get a 50GB for 30 day FREE trial account. Larger storage plans are also available for as low as $9.95/month. You can check out all ED plans on  ElephantDrive plans page.

You can learn more about the ED – Drobo integration here or to get started, contact our support team at support@ElephantDrive.com.


One thought on “ElephantDrive App for Drobo 5N NAS!

  1. Hey guys! The Drobo free 50GB account offer is misleading. Within the app it cleary states “50GB FREE ACCOUNT” with no mention of a 30 day trial. Then when you sign up following the link in Drobo Dashboard via the app, you get 2GB. 2GB is NOTHING for my use as is the 50GB 30 day free trial. How disappointing.

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