Online Backup and Storage Reviews

These are a sampling of the great reviews that ElephantDrive has received over time…

The new plans and features offered by ElephantDrive make it the best value in online backup and storage.

The reviewers at surveyed all of the leaders in the online backup and storage space and came away recommending ElephantDrive as the best online data service.

Online Backup, by Uncommon Understanding at a personal blog

ElephantDrive best online storage alternative for Xdrive users by Howard Marks at Information Week

Epinions has several very positive reviews of ElephantDrive online storage

An authority on jurisprudence and online backup gives ElephantDrive top marks, declaring it a superior solution for online disk storage

TradeVibes is a company listing service, but it allows feedback as well. Lost of “bullish opinions” on ElephantDrive

Also, a great review by the experts at NextAdvisor – focused on ElephantDrive but touching on a few other providers as well.

Some real nice blog entries – one describing how ElephantDrive saved the day for a MSFT employee and another awarding the honor of best online backup solution.

10 thoughts on “Online Backup and Storage Reviews

  1. Charles Brouwers

    I have been testing the service for 3 months. The service is generally very fine however it has a big flaw because pf the lack of option for recovering data on physical media. What’s the point of backing up 1TB if it will take 6 months to download it back ? By the way, the file size limit is also very annoying. For a few files on my network that exceed the limit, I have to develop a specific backup strategy.

  2. Thanks for this information.Well at times some online backups tend to make me so frastrated mainly if it comes to baking up large files they tend to be so slow…

  3. Check out another Elephant Drive Review, rated it 4 stars! Good stuff.

  4. Elephant drive has a lot of interesting features. If you’re looking for another review, check out this Elephant Drive review

  5. Jovelyn N. Pido

    I found the best online backup service here at Elephant Drive. So easy to sign up, I just selected the best plan that suited in my everyday workload. Downloading and installing the drive is too fast and easy to follow the directions needed in order to have it completely usable. I have manage my work inputs and save file perfectly that was safely stored at this drive. Security of my files here are very good. Viruses and threats are detected and are easy to delete so that my files are not harmed by the viruses and threats. Very secure and protected.
    A lot of features really interest me and give me more idea in storing my files in a good backup. Automatic Backup help my workload run smoothly and provide output perfectly.
    If I were you guys better check Elephant Drive Review to know that I am really a fan of this drive. Such a great service offered at this online backup. More power and more interesting links that may help others to save files securely and protected.

  6. howardbass201

    Does elephant drive have a free service like other online storage services?

  7. @howardbass201 — yes we do! Our “Lite” accounts offer 2 GB of free storage to start with and they give you the ability to earn up to an additional 8 GB! That’s 10 GB of free storage!!!

  8. Unhappy. I have 22.6 GB of data but ElephantDrive claims I have exceeded the 250GB limit on my plan. I had a 100 GB plan but upgraded when ED claimed I had exceeded that limit. Now they’re hitting me up for another upgrade. I have asked for an explanation but have not heard anything from ED. Not good. Not at all.

    • @Mark_Olson above —

      We’re sorry to hear about your poor experience. A team member will be reaching out privately to:

      a) help resolve the issue (almost certainly related to our system keeping older versions, but we will investigate),

      b) get you some bonus storage so this doesn’t affect your account while we work on resolving the issue, and

      c) find out why you weren’t responded to sooner (we can see an email inquiry, but it’s from less than an hour ago, so we suspect you sent an earlier message that did not get promptly replied to). We will track it down and find out why.

      Thanks for alerting us and for being patient while we approved your comments.

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