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If you’re making a list of the best SaaS solutions or cloud storage services, make sure to put ElephantDrive and CompliantData at the top!

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6 thoughts on “Really Cool Stuff

  1. Fish,
    Congrats on launching — cool service. I use Carbonite right now, but i’ll check out elephantdrive.
    – spencer rascoff

  2. i really like your site plz send me your all new upload towards my email id

  3. I was just saved by ElephantDrive’s automated backups of my home systems:
    Thank you.

  4. Yeah, for a time I was having problems with ElephantDrive, but a little while ago it seems that whatever bugs were causing slow performance were fixed – the support guy who emailed me said the thing was still in beta testing when i was having problems. my girlfriend and i have been using it pretty faithfully for the last year and a half ever since her computer blew and carbonite lost all of her video files (wmvs, etc)…
    eh, i dig it.

  5. Hi,

    I just subscribed to your service (after doing a round of some 8 different services) and hopefully will settle with you.
    A couple of questions though about transferring the data for the first time to the server and than switching to auto back-ups via the desktop client.

    My home broadband (registered computer) is not really that fast so I decided to use university network and explorer to transfer some of the data from my external drive. However, explorer is still not the fastest ever – is there any other option (ftp) to upload?
    Also would the desktop client be able to compare the files on the hard drive with those online and just do regular backups? LiveDrive didn’t cope with this task very well and kept up- and down-loading both sets of data (which with the use of mapped drive meant quick death of the computer!).



  6. ElephantDrive: the most effective high blood pressure medicine on the planet! Yesterday I was working on several spreadsheets at once. I accidentally overwrote one of the files losing several hours of work. But with a few clicks I was able to download the previous version of the file. If it wasn’t for you I’d have been slamming my fist into the keyboard instead of smiling and rubbing the dog’s head.

    ElephantDrive is so much better than backing up yourself. Thank you ElephantDrive!

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